Own a luxurious Villa or an exclusive Penthouse within the 7 imposing mansions that Villas Gran Reserva San Miguel has for you.

Each mansion has three levels and elevator to access any 5 residential units: 4 villas, located two in each of the first two levels and 1 exclusive Penthouse that is located on the third level.

All units are prepared to offer the “Lock Off” mode, which offers a separate room with the possibility of separating the bedrooms from the main room and the social area.

Villas Gran Reserva San Miguel borders the Hotel Viñedo San Miguel, which is backed by The Leading Hotels of the World. The lock off rooms of the villas, or the complete villa, are prepared to be part of the property rental program, which allows them to function as extra keys of the VSM Hotel and generate a return on investment to the owner.


  • Estilo Mexicano contemporáneo.
  • Diseño multisensorial con materiales naturales como piel, lana y yute; y diferentes texturas.
  • 3 habitaciones.
  • 3 1/2 baños.
  • Capacidad 10 personas.


  • Estilo Mexicano contemporáneo.
  • Diseño multisensorial con materiales naturales como piel, lana y yute; y diferentes texturas.
  • 4 habitaciones.
  • 4 1/2 baños.
  • Capacidad 14 personas.
  • Owner services available
    en Villas Gran Reserva San Miguel

  • Payment for services.
  • Representation for legal proceedings.
  • Representation in the Home Owners Association.
  • Purchase Management.
  • Laundry Service.
  • Grocery Shopping.
  • Home Care/ Senior Living.
  • Transportation Services.
  • Supplies for the Home.
  • Meet & greet with Key Personnel.
  • COncierge Services.
  • Villa Cleaning Service.
  • Residencial Maintenance.
  • Installation of Accessories.
  • Modifications and Renovations.
  • Gardening.
  • Pre-arrival Services.
  • Fumigation.
  • Vehicle Washing.
  • Furniture Maintenance.
  • Rental of Your Property Through the Hotel.
  • Safekeeping of personal items.
  • Collection and deposit of rent.
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