Quick Guide to Food and Wine Pairing

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March 18, 2019
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When pairing wine and food, there are multiple approaches to achieving perfection.

1. Complement or contrast?

Do you want your wine to complement the dish (for instance oysters with lemon and a crisp, citrusy Sauvignon-Blanc) or will you select a wine that contrasts the citrusy flavor of the shellfish with a rich, buttery Chardonnay?

2. Soft wine or strong wine?

Do you want a soft wine that does not compete with the subtle flavors of a dish or do you want a more aggressive, assertive wine with food that is more strongly flavored?


3. The Four Groups

Here is a basic guide for food and wine pairing:

Acidic wines– Muscadet, Sauvignon-Blanc, Txakoli, go well with shellfish, boiled chicken, and white fish. You’ll want a young vintage.

Sweet wines go well with blue or salty cheeses and with foie gras. Sweet wines diminishes saltiness and also echo the rich, sweet flavor of foie gras.

Young reds and rosé wines: Young reds go well with short-matured cow cheeses (Such as Brie and Camembert) while Rosés go well with rice dishes. risottos and ham.

Aged Red wines– red wines that have been aged in barrels for two or more years go best with meats and heavy sauces. The heavier flavors smooth out the tannins in the older wines.

With this basic guide you can choose from the wide variety of Viñedo San Miguel wines we have in to ensure your next dinner party is flawless. To see our wines, visit our webpage Bodegas Vinedos San Miguel.

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