A Win-Win: Lock Off Feature of Villas Gran Reserva San Miguel

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February 11, 2019
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March 11, 2019

Owning one of the luxurious Villas Gran Reserva San Miguel offers multiple benefits. Today we highlight our Lock Off room feature.


Each of the mansion-styled buildings has three levels and an elevator to access any of its 5 residential units: 2 villas on the ground level, 2 villas on the second level and an exclusive Penthouse that is located on the third level. 

All units are built to offer the “Lock Off” modality, which offers the possibility of separating the bedrooms from the main room and the social area. 

The villas innovative lock-off rooms (2 bedrooms with full bathrooms in the back), or the entire villa, were designed to become part of the Hotel Viñedo San Miguel rental program which allows them to function as extra rooms of the Hotel VSM and generate an investment return to the owner.


Located a few kilometers from San Miguel de Allende, one of the most beautiful and magic cities in Mexico, Villas Gran Reserva San Miguel offers a magnificent investment opportunity for your family now and generations to come.


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